Traction Jacuzzi

Platform for Therapy by rocking

Realigning your Spine, your Joints and your mind

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Relieving pain


Alleviating joint compression


Elongating the spine by repetitive tractions Relieving stress


Treating orthopedic conditions (Chronic \ Acute) Shifting the mental and emotional state


Encouraging blood and lymph flow Stimulating physiological processes for healing


Releasing Facia and Increasing motion range Changing old patterns of motion


Allowing deeper relaxation, grounding and sleep


Creating space and freeing up the body


                                               Relieving stress


Shifting the mental and emotional state


Encouraging blood and lymph flow Stimulating physiological processes for healing


              Changing old patterns of motion

What is Traction Jacuzzi?

Traction Jacuzzi is a unique therapeutic device that rocks the patient.
It is comprised of a treatment table and mattress that are fitted with two moving plates that oscillate in rhythmic repetitive motions.
Traction Jacuzzi motions decompress the spine and joints, relieves pain and brings the patient into a new state of motion by releasing the connective tissues.
Traction Jacuzzi is used by physiotherapists and body workers for treatments and can be automatically programmed to fit many conditions.
Patients can ride the platform for 15-120 minutes. 

The essence of the therapy offered with TJ

TJ creates waves of motion that encourage spinal realignment and joint release.
The dynamic pulse generated allows the nervous system to relax and release joint and muscle tension.
Throughout the session, micro-tractions gently create space between the vertebrae, alleviating compression that causes pain and limits range of movement.
People who suffer from chronic spine conditions benefit greatly from the effects of TJ.
The gentle swinging encourages the blood to circulate more efficiently from a Caudal to anterior direction throughout the body.
The increase in blood flow to tissues stimulates physiological processes essential in rehabilitation.
The internal organs, blood and lymphatic systems all receive the massage of a steady rhythmic motion without excessive force.
Even those restricted by illness or age can experience great health benefits such as decrease in pain and increases in energy and motion.   

The experience for the patient

Gentle movements rock the body in rhythmic motions, in lines and circles.
The pelvis shaker unit vibrates.

Patients experience a tingling rush of energy which slowly diminishes into a deep relaxation.
This treatment relaxes the body and mind, the patient becomes more susceptible to receiving and internalizing new information.
Here the mind and body enter a meditative, healing state where old habits are broken down and reprogrammed into a new alignment.  

How does it work?

Traction Jacuzzi is comprised of a 1x2 meter mat with two removable sections that are fitted with the 2 moving plates that shift via electric motors.
The platforms move in different directions, speeds and alignments. One plate is fitted with a vibrating motor.
The plates are synchronized and connected to an Arduino system via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet application.
On TJ application users are able to define settings, such as speed, patterns of movement, etc. to address various therapeutic needs and condition.  

Benefit for Therapists\Practitioners

With TJ, therapists can treat conditions and access areas of the body that are difficult or impossible to reach by manual treatment (for example: tendinitis, bursitis, joint capsules etc.).
Practitioners are free to layer their own techniques on top of the flow and rhythm generated by TJ. 

Traction Jacuzzi is used for Treating

Back pain (Ex. Sciatica)

Cervical compression

Inflammatory conditions (Tendinitis, Bursitis)

Technical specifications of TJ:


2 moving platforms (each contains a 29V DC tilt motor + the pelvis shaker unit includes a vibrating motor)


Smartphone\Tablet Application that connects to Arduino controller (synced via Bluetooth)


1x2 meter mat, 12cm thick made out of sponge + 1 removable cushion


1 foot stabilizer
1 neck stabilizer
1 power source + 1 meter prolong cord 

2 moving platforms

2 moving platforms (each contains a 29V DC tilt motor + the pelvis shaker unit includes a vibrating motor)


Carry-on suitcase for platforms
Carry-on bag for mattress
2 year warranty on motors
1 year warranty on electronics
ISO 9001 standard
Pending listing for U.S patent 

Optional add-ons: 

Adjustable electric treatment table 1x2m, height adjustable 

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Traction Jacuzzi

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